Physiotherapy in Rhyl

Liam Duffy

Ffisotherapyddion Siartredig a Gofrestrir gan y Wladwriaeth
Chartered & State Registered Physiotherapist

Expertise in Pain Relief & Pain Management

Whether your pain is chronic or acute, PhysioNow has a range of services for all types pain in the body – such as neck, back, shoulder and joint pain. The practice is located within convenient reach of Rhyl, about five minutes from the town centre.

A free consultation will help determine the best service for your condition. Call or email to discuss treatment for your problem without obligation.

PhysioNow Services:


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Fully qualified Physiotherapist offering specialist relief from back, neck and shoulder pain. Experienced in inflammatory joint disorders.


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PhysioNow offers Acupuncture treatment for pain relief and improved well-being.

Sports Injuries

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Connective Tissue Manipulation, manipulation and mobilisation techniques are some of our services offered for sports people.